Custom Lazy Susans ~ 13″ to 22″


Choose your lazy Susan size and desired epoxy color, as well as with or without a turtle inlay.

Lazy Susan size with regard to turtle inlays:

13″ lazy Susans appear best without an inlay, but it is possible to place a single turtle.

16″ lazy Susans with inlays look best with a single turtle inlay.

18″ lazy Susans and larger appear best with a two-turtle inlay.

How to choose your lazy Susan size for your table:

Allow 18 inches for each place setting depth.  Therefore, to account for 2 place settings opposite of each other, subtract 36 inches from your table width.  The remaining distance is equal to the approximate size lazy Susan needed.  For example, if your table is 58 inches across, 58-36=22.  Therefore, no larger than a 22″ lazy Susan would be recommended.

If a different size is preferred over our online choices, please contact us for a more custom size.

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13 inch, 15 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch

Epoxy Color

Caribbean, Pacific, Midnight Sea, Sea Glass

Turtle Inlay

No Inlay, Single Turtle Inlay, Two Turtles Inlay


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