About the Artist


Having grown up in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Wil Lang has always been drawn to the ocean. Wil graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Landscape Ornamental Horticulture. While working in the landscape industry, the creative aspects of landscape design, hardscaping, and night lighting, appealed to him with the usage of various colors and textures that compliment or contrast each other in an eye-pleasing manner. Gradually, Wil’s desire to use his artistic and woodworking talents in other ways grew stronger. He has dabbled frequently in woodworking projects of his own design. For his family, much of their first furniture was built from reclaimed wormy chestnut wood which he personally removed from an old barn. He has tinkered in the creation of wooden surfboards, as well.

Most recently, Wil and his family of four, sailed on their personal sailboat from North Carolina across the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand, and back. During their journey, and while living on the water, Wil surfed various surf breaks throughout the world, including Hawaii and French Polynesia. Today, he continues to surf near his home in coastal North Carolina, or anytime he is in one of his more favorite surf spots. His firsthand experience on and in the ocean, having seen a variety of ocean colors and beaches, as well as his understanding of how water moves, shows through in his artwork. To Wil, the ocean is calming and healing. He and his family all enjoy being in nature and observing all that moves around them. With his passion for creativity and his inspiration from the natural world, Wil is aimed at enjoying life while bringing joy to others.

The Team

Running a successful business takes expertise in a variety of areas.  Wandering Soul Designs is fortunate to have a team to help keep the business running smoothly.  Truly a family owned and operated business!

Kris Summers

Sales & Marketing

Kris Summers, our assistant in sales and marketing, is Wil’s sister.  She promotes Wil’s art through local shops, word of mouth, social media, and our WSD website.  Kris has a passion for the outdoors, hiking, travel, and spending time with family and friends.

Jennifer Lang

Office Management &
Tech Support

Jen Lang is Wil’s other half.  Her job involves office management, website maintenance, product photography and online listings, and social media posting.  When Jen is not in the office she works as a yacht delivery captain in various parts of the world.

Why the Manta?

In many cultures, the manta ray symbolizes calmness and water symbolizes our emotions.  A manta gliding through water un-phased represents our ability to observe and be aware of our emotions in order to remain calm, using our energy wisely and for purpose.  

Indigenous Polynesians believe the manta ray is a symbol of wisdom and graceful strength.  As a spirit guardian, the manta ray defends your spirit, allowing you to find your wisdom and graceful strength. 

Hahalua, the Hawaiian word for Manta, means two breaths.  Ha means breath and Lua means two.  The experience of seeing a manta ray fly from the water is such a “WOW!” factor that it can bring a person from their thoughts or troubles, and allow them to huli i ke au hou, or begin anew in a new space and time.

Sources:  Meghan Miner / Tattooseo